How to assemble your Divan Base

You will find all the fittings needed in a bag fixed inside your divan drawers.

Assembling The Base.

  1. Your divan base will generally come with castors. In some cases, glides are an option.
  2. Turn your divan base(s) upside down and insert each castor or glide into position and tap with the heal of your hand to secure, there will be 4 for each base half. Once they are secured in position turn the base(s) upright.
  3. If you have a split, double or king size bed, push the divan sections together.
  4. If your bases have predrilled holes, line them up and fasten the 2 divan halves together using the bolts. The fabric may need piercing, but the position is marked.
  5. In the case of U clip joining brackets, position these where marked and push in. They might need to be tapped into position.
  6. If your divan has hinged brackets on the sides, gently rotate the bracket so that it hooks onto the screw on the opposite base.