What are the Divan storage options?

Most of our divans beds are available with storage options, either sliders (which runs along the side on a single bed and at the foot end for bigger sizes) or drawers which can be located on the side of your choice. Divan Bed Sets can be viewed and purchased via our website ( Divan Bases can be viewed and purchased via our website ( If you have any questions before you purchase you can contac...

Do I get a choice of feet on a Divan?

Divans will be supplied with castors as standard, but if your bed is to go on flooring rather than carpet then glides ( may be more suitable.

What is an Ottoman?

An Ottoman bed has the looks of a Divan but instead of drawers or a slider, it allows the platform top part, where the mattress sits, to be lifted up, which allows for far greater storage space. They are now enjoying far greater popularity amongst people who are short on storage and don’t have the room for a full set of 4 drawers in a base. Ottomans allow for far greater storage than a traditional bed frame, divan or platform top bed base. They are typically used in smaller bedrooms, apartment...

How to assemble your Divan Base

You will find all the fittings needed in a bag fixed inside your divan drawers. Assembling The Base. - Your divan base will generally come with castors. In some cases, glides are an option. - Turn your divan base(s) upside down and insert each castor or glide into position and tap with the heal of your hand to secure, there will be 4 for each base half. Once they are secured in position turn the base(s) upright. - If you have a split, double or king size bed, push the divan sections to...

What is a Slider option on a Divan bed?

A slider on a divan bed is a sliding door instead of drawers. This is the perfect choice if you have a small bedroom where drawers are not a good option due to space. As standard, on a single bed the slider is on the side and on a double bed or larger the slider is on the end at the foot of the base. This is an example of a single 3' Junior Mistral divan bed with a slider option