After sales support

I have not received my order confirmation email

Please ensure that you have checked your junk and spam folders for the email. To prevent this from happening again, please add to your safe list. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us (submit_ticket?upid=kb_defa||5b2eaf3a) and we'll be happy to send you another confirmation of order.

Why does my mattress feel firmer than the display model?

The shop floor model display you tested may have been used and tested by various customers several times before you tested it. Your new mattress will soften over a period of time, particularly where you lie, showing that your new mattress is working with the pressure you exert on it. Please note it can take several weeks for the mattress to fully settle.

Why can I see body indentations on my new mattress?

Body indentations may be visible when your new mattress is first used. This is common and is simply a result of the normal settlement of the new materials used in the manufacturing of your mattress. This will settle after a few weeks of usage.

My Ottoman will not close

If you have just built your Ottoman bed and it won't close this is not unusual. The pistons are designed to stop the bed suddenly closing, this is a safety feature so that you do not get trapped underneath. When first built they can be stiff and when you first close the bed you will need to put the mattress and some weight on the bed to push it closed. Usually, two people sitting on the bed will be enough.

Why does my newly made mattress smell?

Your mattress has been lovingly handmade in our Kirkby based factory and once complete, you mattress order is securely packaged and sent out for delivery. It is possible that you may smell some initial odors when you open the packaging. We recommend airing your mattress in a well-ventilated room for after unwrapping your delivery and then stripping both the bed and mattress once a month and allowing the mattress to air. When new, it can take 10 to 14 days for the odor to dissipate. 2019-0...

Fabric pile crush

All pile fabrics, including chenilles, are subject to a certain degree of shading or pile crush with usage. This is not a fabric fault, nor will it detract from the wearing properties of the material. This can be minimised by using a soft brush and lightly brushing the pile in a different direction over areas that show signs of wear. Your guarantee does not cover the general wear and tear of fabrics.

Fabric fading

Fading in fabrics can be caused by direct sunlight or direct heat. To reduce fabric fading avoid direct sunlight on the fabric. If possible don't position your bed directly in front of the window or radiators.

Damaged delivery or product

In the uncommon event that you are unfortunate to have received a damaged delivery or product from one of our couriers, please provide some information on this short form ( so we can help you quickly. We will update you within 24hrs during office hours. Our offices are open Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 5:00pm, Friday 9:30am - 4:00pm.

Third party treatments

Bed Factory Direct is not liable for upholstery problems caused by any third party products you use on your bed or mattresses. Any treatments should be pre-tested in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.