Mattress buying advice

The Sleep Council advises that a mattress should be changed at least every seven years to maintain the health benefits.

We all know how good it feels when we've had great 40 winks.

Here is our guide to mattress types to help you choose.

Mattress Firmness and Comfort

A soft mattress will ease pressure on your hips and shoulders, helping to prevent uncomfortable aches and pains in the morning. See these in our store here

A soft/medium mattress lets your shoulders and hips sink while supporting the weight of the rest of your body. See these in our store here

Perfect if you’re a fidgety sleeper, a medium mattress is comfortable and supportive in a variety of sleeping positions. See these in our store here

Whether you snooze on your back, stomach or side, a medium firm mattress provides pressure relief on your joints to reduce uncomfortable aching. See these in our store here

Are you a flat on your back or a splayed on your stomach sleeper? A firmer structure is designed to provide enough support to keep your spine perfectly aligned as you sleep. See these in our store here

Mattress Style

Combination mattresses

Combination mattresses provide the best of both worlds. Bringing together traditional craftsmanship with innovative mattress technology from leading manufacturers. They provide the traditional support and comfort of springs, with the added benefit of pressure relieving top layer to give you optimum ease throughout the night and help you get the best night's rest.

Visco Elastic (Memory Foam)
Originally invented by NASA. The aim was to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. NASA scientists were heavily involved as well as scientists from the aerospace industry. Eventually in the 1990’s NASA released memory foam in to the public domain paving the way for mattress manufacturers to use the technology in their products. Memory foam will gently form to the shape of your body offering excellent support and pressure point qualities. Memory foam itself comes in a wide range of types with different qualities and densities.  See these in our store here

Geltex mattress
Gel mattresses use foam that contains gel in the product’s support system, upholstery layers or both. The gel is added to the foam using different types of technology. The gel foam can offer consumers different comfort, feel and heat dissipation features.  See these in our store here

Latex is a premium mattress filling derived from the rubber tree. Well known for its pressure point support qualities and unlike memory foam will recover its shape instantly. Hard wearing offering excellent support.  See these in our store here

Pillow-top mattress
Pillow-top mattresses have an additional upholstery layer sewn onto the top of the mattress, as if pillows were placed on top of it. This layer can be made from a variety of fiber and foam materials.  See these in our store here

Cotton Cover
Cotton is a commonly found mattress cover favored for it’s soft feel. Cotton is also widely used due to it’s good absorption and breath-ability.  See these in our store here

Wool Mattress
Also known for its absorption and breath-ability. Adds a luxury feel to a mattress and is well known and used in the trade for it’s fire retardant properties.  See these in our store here

Mattress Size

Standard single mattress measures approx 90cm x 190cm. Single beds and mattresses are ideal for smaller rooms that are short on space, and can comfortably sleep, one average sized adult. See these in our store here

Small Double
Great for bedrooms which are short on space, they measure approx 120cm x 190cm. See these in our store here

Standard double measures approx 135cm x 190cm and will fit easily in most average sized bedrooms with plenty of room to spare. See these in our store here

King Size measure approx 150cm x 200cm so you (and your partner!) can stretch out comfortably. See these in our store here

Super King
A super king size mattress is the ultimate indulgence. Measuring about 180cm x 200cm, this is the largest bed size that is widely available to buy. See these in our store here

Super King Zip & Link
A super king size zip & link mattress is the same as a super king mattress. Measuring about 180cm x 200cm in total. It is the equivalent of two single width mattresses joined together by a zip. This makes them easier to move around your home and up your stairs if you have limited access or mobility. See these in our store here