Bed buying advice and bed types

What is a Divan Bed?
The structure of a divan base is strong and robust and supports the mattress giving you great support and comfort. Many divan bed bases offer integrated storage drawers making them ultra-functional as well as super comfy. The base is covered in either fabric or faux leather and can have either castors, peg feet or chrome glides.   Divan Beds

Feet on Divans
The feet selection is dependent on the flooring the bed is being placed on. All our Divan Beds come with glides as standard. The recommendations are castors or glides for carpet and peg feet or glides for wooden, laminated or any other hard flooring. If you wish to receive glides you can purchase them as an extra with your bed.  Glides

What is a Bed Frame?
A bed frame or bedstead is the most traditional style of bed with built-in headboard and sometimes a footer incorporated. Choose from metal, wood, fabric, leather or faux leather finishes to achieve different looks in your bedroom. Wooden Bed FramesMetal Bed Frames, Fabric and Leather Frames

What is an Ottoman?

An Ottoman bed has the looks of a Divan but instead of drawers or a slider, it allows the platform top part, where the mattress sits, to be lifted up, which allows for far greater storage space.

They are now enjoying far greater popularity among people who are short on storage and don’t have the room for a full set of 4 drawers in a base.

Ottomans allow for far greater storage than a traditional bed frame, divan or platform top bed base. They are typically used in smaller bedrooms, apartments, flats or areas where bedside tables or closer walls restrict a 4 drawer bed base option. They can be used to store for example spare bedding, particularly if you have both a winter and summer tog duvet that you swap out. They are also useful for storing bedding, towels, clothing such as seasonal items, shoes, books and boxes of keepsakes. Pretty much anything can be stored in them.  Ottoman and Storage Beds

There is an array of beds for kids on the market from small singles and single beds, to mid and low sleepers available, as well as fun cabin beds. Does your child enjoy having their friends stay over? Or do your kids share a bedroom? Kid’s bunk beds are a great solution, with bed, sofa or desk options available. Children's Beds

Guest Beds
Offer guests a relaxing stay with a guest bed from our range. They are a popular option for those who have guests to stay with them but are a little short on space. Our guest beds fold away for easy storage, but once opened provide a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep to suit you and your guests. Guest Beds


Standard single bed measures approx 90cm x 190cm. Single beds and mattresses are ideal for smaller rooms that are short on space, and can comfortably sleep, one average sized adult.  Single Beds

Small Double
Great for bedrooms which are short on space, they measure approx 120cm x 190cm.  Small Double Beds

Standard double measures approx 135cm x 190cm and will fit easily in most average sized bedrooms with plenty of room to spare.  Double Beds

King Size beds measure approx 150cm x 200cm so you (and your partner!) can stretch out comfortably.  Kingsize Beds

Super King
A super king size bed and mattress is the ultimate indulgence. Measuring about 180cm x 200cm, this is the largest bed size that is widely available to buy.  Super King Beds, Super King Zip & Link


Drawer Dimensions

Height - 9" (23 cm)

Width - 29" (73.7 cm)

Depth - 20.5" (52 cm)

Internal Storage - 7" (18 cm)


It is vital that you check your stairs to make sure the items fit up them.

Some items come flat packed and some items come in fixed sections.

Please use the following information as a guidance.

Our Ottomans and Divans come as fixed sections.

Size Base Sections Divans Side Opening Dimensions End Opening Dimensions
Single 1 90 x 190 cm 90 x 190 cm 90 x 190 cm
Small Double 2 120 x 95 cm 120 x 95 cm 60 x 190 cm
Double 2 135 x 95 cm 135 x 95 cm 68 x 190 cm
King 2 150 x 100 cm 150 x 100 cm 75 x 200 cm
Super King 2 90 x 200 cm 180 x 100 cm 90 x 200 cm

We recommend you check your stairs as per the following diagram to make sure these items fit.


It is vital that you check items purchased can fit up your stairs as any failed deliveries or returned items will have a returns/delivery charge.